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Retail Round-Up: Celebrities With Retail Savvy, and Get Ready for Generation Z

Retail Round-Up: Celebrities With Retail Savvy, and Get Ready for Generation Z

The very first Victoria Beckham flagship store opened in London this month, where the first-ever in-store customers enjoyed complementary champagne. The contemporary and sparse store isn’t encumbered by traditional tills—they use iPads as the checkout.  (The Guardian)

MTV star Lauren Conrad has co-founded a not-for-profit online store with a mission to support female artisans around the world.  The Little Market sells handmade goods from cooperatives in 13 countries, and is promoted through social media exclusively, rather than traditional advertising. (Los Angeles Times)

Macy’s is leading the way with its “digital/brick-and-mortal hybrid” model. Because of online competitors and growing customer expectations, the 156 year-old retail chain will start testing same-day shipping, smart fitting rooms, and accepting Apple Pay. (Fortune)

Retailers can start getting ready for Generation Z. They’re born after 1995, and are America’s largest and most diverse group yet. They have a major influence on household spending, and will be a super important market segment when they reach adulthood. (Direct Marketing News)

Beacon technology can help retailers gather the valuable data they need in order to become more competitive. Forecasts show that thousands of beacons will be installed within the next five years, allowing stores to identify customers when they enter, and more. (Business Insider)

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