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Retail Round-Up: Back-To-School Fever!

Retail Round-Up: Back-To-School Fever!

The time to send emails promoting a new fall collection is now. With colder-than-usual August temperatures in North America and the UK, and the first day of Fall (September 22nd) approaching, major department stores like Selfridges and Neiman Marcus are taking advantage of the season to drive their colorful email campaigns. (Luxury Daily)

Back-to-school shopping has changed dramatically. This year, mobile shopping has skyrocketed, whereby consumers are using their mobile devices in every facet of the retail experience. (ADWEEK)

According to this research in the U.K., back-to-school shopping is often left to the very last minute. After a long summer holiday, it’s no wonder that parents and students procrastinate when it comes to gearing up for school. For retailers, those who are able to blend online and offline components will get top grades for handling the last-minute rush. (Breed Communications)

What are the top back-to-school shopping trends this year? Looks like over half of this school-bound group in the U.S will head to department stores for their supplies, followed by discount stores, clothing stores, and office supplies stores. Macy’s, Wal-Mart, and Target all have extensive promotions to entice students. (NRF News)

For retailers who might not have had strong sales this summer, this period should be a reason to be more optimistic. JC Penny has reported healthy sales so far, as have Kohl’s and Wal-Mart. (CNBC)

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