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Retail Round-Up: Australia is Home to New Retail Tech, and Winning Back Teen Consumers

Retail Round-Up: Australia is Home to New Retail Tech, and Winning Back Teen Consumers

What will shopping look like in the future? At the Gen2 Retail Evolution lab in Australia, you can get a glimpse at new technology that could have a big impact on the retail industry. Think hyper-advanced touch screens that allow customers to place orders while the store is closed, electronic labelling in supermarkets, and specialized fitting room tablets. (Mashable)

Fashion isn’t the only segment of retail that has had to adapt to rapidly changing consumer trends. Fad diets, and the millennial affinity for “foodie” culture have given grocery stores food for thought when it comes to how they will respond to these burgeoning tastes. (The Washington Post)

The Juicy Couture brand is rooted in brick-and-mortar, but their high-end customer base has big expectations when it comes to mobile shopping. The company has gone full-force with their mobile strategy, including a partnership with Snaps, an app that lets consumers share photos with Juicy content overlaid on top. (Mobile Commerce Daily)

Teen-oriented brands such as Abercrombie&Fitch are having to make changes to turn around declining sales. They’re trying to better hit the mark on fashion trends in order to compete with fast fashion retailers, and are implementing new inventory practices to avoid an excess of discounted items. Teens’ tastes are changing when it comes to brand affinity, and only time will tell if the once-popular teen retailers will be able to win them back. (CNBC)

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