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3 Ways to Increase Your Store's Holiday Profits

3 Ways to Increase Your Store's Holiday Profits

The holiday season accounts for up to 30% of a retailer’s annual profits. It’s a critical sales period for retailers, which is why Lightspeed created our latest retail report outlining the 3 ways your store can increase its profits over the holidays. Download the free guide today to learn how you can set your store up for success and sell more this holiday season.


What can you expect to learn?

1) How to manage your stock

Discover how to analyze last season’s sales, what stock you should buy, which KPIs to track, and best practices on how to sell on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

2) How to efficiently manage employees

Learn from industry experts on how to efficiently train, schedule, and evaluate your staff’s performance. The best way to assure amazing customer service is by giving them the training they need to perform at the highest level during your busy season.

3) Which sales KPIs matter

Calculating how your store performs is critical for growing your sales. We’ve outlined the top KPIs you need to track to grow your store’s profit margins during the holidays and beyond.

4) How to market for the holidays

Get tips and tricks on how to launch great digital marketing campaigns and in-store promotions, and how to plan a store layout that helps your conversion rate.

Set your store up for holiday success

Download our free guide and learn actionable ways to increase your store's holiday profits.

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