Reaching the Masses: How LightSpeed Set Up Shop at C2MTL

Reaching the Masses: How LightSpeed Set Up Shop at C2MTL

Pop-up shops are a great way for retailers to extend their reach and bring in new customers, which is why we jumped at the chance to support the on-site boutiques at C2MTL, a three-day business conference that blends the worlds of commerce and creativity. Presented by the City of Montreal and Le Conseil des créateurs de mode du Québec (a group that promotes the interest of the province’s artisans and designers), CODE SOUVENIR and Cabinet Éphémère shone a spotlight on locally-made goods.

Members of our team were on hand at C2MTL’s industrial space in Montreal’s Griffintown on May 26th, one day before the start of the conference, to get our point of sale up-and-running. We checked in with LightSpeed Sales Engineer Mack Mansouri and partner Patrice Derome of Opportun to get a behind-the-scenes look at how to set up a pop-up shop.

Here are six things to keep in mind when you’re planning your pop-up:

1. The power of show and tell is hard to deny, so make sure your POS is loaded with images of all your products, especially large items that you might not have been able to transport to your temporary shop. At C2MTL, the boutiques both sold a large variety of product, Mack says. The LightSpeed team only had to upload one file and like magic, all the products, photos and descriptions were available in the back end.

2. Come prepared for flaky wi-fi; bring a 3G/LTE device you can tether to ensure that you’re always connected and can process credit cards.

3. Test out your hardware setup beforehand so that on the day of, you know that you have everything you need to process transactions smoothly.

4. Don’t get tunnel vision when it comes to technology – the customers’ physical experience of your booth means just as much if not more than being able to process sales. These temporary shops aren’t just an opportunity to make money, they’re chances to expose your brand’s personality to hundreds (or thousands) of people.

5. Have a Web Store URL visible on everything – receipts, business cards, signage. If there’s a huge line at your booth, dozens of people who’d love to purchase from you may be discouraged from waiting – but with a business card and a Web Store, they can shop at their leisure. (Bonus – set up a Promo Code for customers who attended to encourage everybody to stop by the online store!)

6. Bring iPads for line-busting; don’t rely on a single station.

With the help of Mack and Patrice, each store only took 30 minutes to set up. Ultimately, this helped the sales team to focus on making the booth look spectacular – they didn’t have time to waste on IT and required a point of sale that could be usable right away. Since most of the sales staff had never seen the LightSpeed interface before, they also needed to be trained in one day. As Sarah Ezzedine from the City of Montreal said, “We learned how to use it yesterday afternoon and today I can use it no problem, we’re making sales easily.”