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Managing Your Business Through COVID-19

Managing Your Business Through COVID-19

It’s no news that the world is currently going through a major upheaval, leaving companies around the world scrambling to find ways to manage the impact of COVID-19. 

For 15 years, we have navigated rapidly changing industries and grown with our partners, retailers and restaurants, and we plan on doing the same during these difficult times. We believe that independent businesses are vital in keeping cities alive and we still believe that there are ways to adapt to the changing situation, even if physical spaces are put on hold. 

In order to help you during these challenging times, we will be regularly updating our resources and blogs to give you the tools you need to power through. We’ve launched a COVID-19 resource page that will be updated on a regular basis with the latest government resources for businesses as well as tips on how to keep your business running and make the best of the inevitable downtime. We are in contact with government counterparts to advocate for appropriate SMB relief measures in response to the pandemic and we’re offering tools and access to new revenue streams to help our customers navigate and adapt.

We also want to hear from you. How has your business been impacted? Are you taking creative measures to ride the storm? By working together, we can help our retailers and restaurants around the world continue to succeed through the challenges. 

Click here to tell us your story. 

We are here to help you every step of the way. As we have done for the last 15 years, we will continue to adapt and innovate together, even in this exceptionally challenging time. 

Stay tuned for more resources, tips and tools.

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