LightSpeed Is Helping Stores Kill Off 'Showrooming' For Good

LightSpeed Is Helping Stores Kill Off 'Showrooming' For Good

LightSpeed was recently covered by Business Insider as part of their Future of Business series, which “examines how cutting-edge technologies are rapidly reshaping our world, from how businesses run to how we live.”

The common narrative since e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay exploded is that physical retail will die a slow, painful death.

But it doesn’t have to. Entrepreneur Dax Dasilva, founder and CEO of point-of-sale system LightSpeed, wants to use technology to revive the retail experience by, ironically, bringing the best of the web into the store.

The article is full of insights about how data is transforming brick and mortar retail, how LightSpeed reinforces key customer touch points, and how retailers can turn showrooming on its head:

“This year there’s been a lot of talk about ‘webrooming,'” Dasilva said. “People read about products in 2-D on their iPads at home, and then they go into a store to see and feel the products. A retail setting — it is entertainment and a bit of a hunt. It’s about finding that perfect item and being excited about it and bringing it home.”

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