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Is your jewelry store Valentine's Day ready?

Is your jewelry store Valentine's Day ready?

With the most romantic day of the year fast approaching, is your jewelry store ready to meet the demands of the neighbourhood lovers?

Setting up a mobile, cloud-based POS system is a surefire way to keep yourself organized and ready to make sales during the Valentine’s busy season — a time when people are ready to spend big bucks at jewelry store.

Here’s how a POS system can help you prepare for increased traffic during the season of love:


Show more inventory and keep additional info on your iPad

When you work with a mobile POS, you gain the flexibility to run your business YOUR way. You can walk around your sales floor showing beautiful pieces not currently in stock to customers, adding information on the piece in question.

Many people will be buying jewelry or watches as Valentine’s day gifts and may feel lost or confused. Be prepared by having the answers and suggestions they’re looking for in your POS system.


Track your work orders directly in your POS system

With a POS system, you can offer superior customer service by following your work and repair orders. Resizing a ring? Fixing a watch? By tracking exactly what stage of the process your items are in, you can better manage customer expectations.


Enjoy simplified inventory management

When you set custom reorder points for stock within the POS, your next purchase order will be automatically populated with the items that have reached those points. If you’ve miscalculated an order or received damaged items, returning stock to your vendors is quite simple with Lightspeed’s return to vendor feature.


Easily configure your products and print jewelry tags

As you receive new stock in the week leading up to the big day, save yourself time by printing jewelry price tags and barcodes directly from your POS software. Further streamline your store setup by creating multiple versions of the same style of item, setting different prices for each product.


Discount items based on category or customer group

Valentine’s Day? Newlyweds? Engagement? Celebrate with your customers. Flexible discounting tools make it easy to automatically apply discounts based on item category, brand, or customer group.


Learn from this year, make improvements next year

When you have access to sales data, you can learn and make improvements by the time next year’s Valentine’s Day rolls around. Track what sold, what didn’t and when the busiest times were. Learn everything you need to grow your business.

Do you think your jewelry store could benefit from a POS system? Read about jewelry store Paisley Road who uses Lightspeed’s cloud-based POS system.

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