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iPad point of sale systems for bars: the perfect solution for large crowds

iPad point of sale systems for bars: the perfect solution for large crowds

Love the nightlife, love to boogie. If you’re an outgoing party machine, you know how it is in a crowded bar – it’s noisy, you can barely move, it’s hard to grab a server’s attention and orders seem to take forever. Unless of course, you’re a VIP or a member of a VIP’s entourage and you have a whole section to yourselves cordoned off. For the rest of the bar patrons however, getting all mashed together is a good day.

Static systems are bad for business

As a bar owner however, you have to care about everybody else and not just your highest paying clients. The best way to engage all of your customers is to do away with static POS terminals that take up space and clog the order queue. In a crowded bar, orders can take forever to fill because the servers have to rush back to the terminal to punch in the same order they just wrote down, then run to the kitchen or bar to hand over the written order slip.

From a customer service standpoint, that’s just too much time lost running around and waiting for a static POS terminal to be available. Your visitors go to you to have a drink, not to wait around for it. Some patrons just go to the bar to order, but soon enough it’s going to be crowded with customers elbowing each other for a spot, the bartender will have a hard time serving them all and ringing up sales.

Point of Sale mobility

This is where mobile products such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch come into play. The iPad can work as one of the main POS terminals. The beauty of this type of system is that if that iPad goes down, another iPad can easily take its place as the main POS terminal because everything is cloud-based and any machine will have access to the data.

 iPad POS terminals also take up less space and need very little configuration in order for them to work. Everyone knows how to use a touch screen tablet or phone, so even the most technically challenged employee will have no problems operating the POS.

Faster, more efficient service

The iPod Touch or the iPhone can be fitted with mag stripe readers and portable receipt printers so it not only acts as an order taking platform, but the server can also use it to accept tableside payments and give the option to the customer if they want the receipt printed out or emailed. This will speed up the whole process, from order taking to processing payments.

Orders taken on the handheld devices can be sent straight to the kitchen, so if a patron orders appetizers before drinks and food, that part of the order can be routed to the kitchen instantly so the preparation can begin. After the order is taken, the server can move on to another patron.

Create an engaging atmosphere

Using handheld POS systems for your bar offers unrivaled mobility and your servers can engage your patrons better. More interaction from your front liners will make your customers feel important and the faster service will become a luxury that they would love to come back and experience time and again.

iPads and iPhones not only look good, they tell your customers that you know what you’re doing and are looking for ways to improve the service you offer them. Convenience looks sleek and modern nowadays, and that should include your POS system. Looking for more on the value of mobility in the hospitality industry? Read our guide on why a mobile POS is better for your business here!

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