Customer spotlight: Morini Coiffure

Customer spotlight: Morini Coiffure

Janick Morin, founder and owner of Morini Coiffure, was just in her early twenties when she opened her first hair salon in 2001 in Saguenay, Quebec. She was quickly noticed amongst her community for her unique talent and attentive customer service. With a bustling clientele and appointments booked up to five weeks in advance, Janick opened a larger salon in 2005 in the capital of Quebec, Quebec City. Today, she travels Europe to pick up the latest hair styling techniques and works with modeling agencies to help them better educate their models about haircare. She also collaborates with magazines for cover shoots and designers for fashion shows, photo shoots and videos. Through annual training courses and hair styling competitions, she ensures that her team stays up to date with current hair styles and techniques.

With the resounding success of Morini Coiffure, Janick realized that pen and paper management could no longer support the growth of her business. She needed a solution to help her better manage appointment bookings, accounting, inventory, reporting as well as her employees. Read on to learn how booxi and Lightspeed helped her run her business more efficiently and get to where she is today.


How does Morini Coiffure differentiate itself from other hair salons?

“We differentiate ourselves from other hair salons by the way we work with our employees. Through continuous learning, we are able to offer quality service. We keep a close eye on their performance to identify areas of improvement and provide additional training if necessary. We also encourage our employees to share their knowledge amongst themselves and make sure to remunerate them fairly for their work. We ask our hairdressers to register on, a referencing website I created that brings us a very nice clientele. On this website, our employees can share their CV and pictures of their work. Customers can find a hairdresser by specialty, which ensures a better match between what a client is looking for and what a hairdresser is able to offer.”

What motivated you to look for a point of sale and appointment booking software?

“Before using booxi’s appointment booking software, we spent a lot of time on the phone with clients, using the traditional pen and paper method. At the same time, we were looking for a solution to manage our growing inventory. We needed a solution that would enable us to scan products to add them automatically to our inventory, alleviating our workload and minimizing errors. Plus, we wanted a system to take care of accounting, as we were spending a lot of time at the office building reports manually. This is when we considered Lightspeed and the possibilities the software could offer the salon.”


Did you search for solutions to your problems for a long time?

No, we didn’t search for very long. Through, I came across booxi. My team and I really enjoyed how booxi was based in the cloud, and how everything was accessible from anywhere. With an appointment booking software like booxi, we didn’t need to buy a computer and software separately. Plus, we didn’t need to renew the software each year. For these reasons, we found booxi’s solution interesting and affordable. Employees from booxi said ‘If you enjoy how booxi is cloud-based, you should check out Lightspeed. We work with them for billing.’ That’s what we did; we decided to use both systems for the salon.”

Did you consider other solutions apart from Lightspeed and booxi?

“For appointment booking, we looked at other options, yet nothing was as well adapted to hairdressing as booxi that solved our problem with double bookings. Apart from Lightspeed, we looked at other solutions, yet as Lightspeed and booxi worked well together, we opted for these two solutions. There wasn’t anything as complete to fulfill our needs.”

Could you explain the problem you had with double bookings?

“We had problems with double bookings under the pen and paper booking method. For example, when a colorist has applied the hair color and is waiting for it to dye the client’s hair, she or he has enough time to serve another client. Before booxi, appointments would conflict in this way. It was difficult to manage the duration of an appointment as not all hairdressers need the same amount of time to complete the same service. With a traditional paper appointment book, it was hard to manage overlapping appointments. Fortunately, we found booxi, a solution that was extremely well-adapted to our hairdressing services. We were also lucky to have a team at booxi working with us to fully adapt the software to our needs.”


Before using Lightspeed Retail, how did you manage your hair salon?

“Everything was done manually, so everything took a lot more time, and there were often mistakes. Plus, we had to pay people to do work that now Lightspeed and booxi take care of.”

What have you been enjoying the most about Lightspeed and booxi?

“Billing is simple with Lightspeed. I can link an appointment to its respective bill as both systems work seamlessly together. The daily reports are also really easy to read, and it’s nice to be able to see at a glance how much each hairdresser has sold in products and services. With booxi, we can now reduce no-shows with email and text message reminders. Before, clients would very often forget about their appointments. With reminders sent 24 hours in advance, 90% of customers show up for their appointments. If customers can’t make it, they’ll call us 24 hours in advance, which avoids having to pay an employee for nothing. No-shows used to be a huge cause of loss in revenues. The only solution we had to this problem was having the receptionist call each client to remind them of their appointment. Now, reminders are sent automatically, which saves us time and money, and allows our staff to concentrate on other things. With booxi, clients can also book appointments themselves, which reduces considerably our receptionist’s workload. Since we’ve been using Lightspeed and booxi, the hair salon manager is also able to work fewer hours per week, yet get more work done.”


Want to better manage your appointment bookings?

booxi can help with online appointment booking

Which Lightspeed functionalities do you use the most often at the salon?

“Lightspeed’s reports help me identify my top-selling products, which is useful for when I have to replenish my inventory. I also enjoy how I can access the reports for anywhere. With the cloud, it’s really easy.”

“Using the reports, I am also able to evaluate employee performance and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. For example, if I see in a report that a hairdresser has many appointments for highlights, I’ll know that highlights are his or her specialty. This hairdresser will be able to help a colleague who has less experience in that area.”

“As we collaborate with many distributors, the reports help me evaluate how a new product line is performing. If sales aren’t meeting our expectations, we will better train our employees on that specific product line, so they can properly educate our clients on the benefits of the products. With the reports, we can also see if there are common weaknesses amongst the team. If we have 3 to 4 hairdressers with the same weaknesses, we will ask one of our specialists in that field to share his or her knowledge with the others. At the salon, we really encourage our employees to share their knowledge amongst themselves to make the team stronger as a whole.”


Did your employees give you positive feedback on Lightspeed?

“In general, the feedback has been extremely positive. We found the adaptation a little long, but once the employees were trained and understood how the system worked, everything was fine. Today, if I ask them if they want to change software, or simply go back to the traditional method, I know they would say ‘No’. My employees don’t want to switch from digital back to our old work methods, that’s for sure.”

What was the impact of Lightspeed on your hair salon?

“With Lightspeed, we know where we need to focus our efforts. Employees can see which services they offer the most and the least, and I can better assess each employee’s performance. It’s also easier to pinpoint their weaknesses to provide them with additional training.”

“Before Lightspeed, we had difficulty building reports ourselves and understanding our numbers. Based on our clients’ feedback, we used to create spreadsheets ourselves to compare our products. We were never able to identify our core problems as well as our strengths and weaknesses.”

“Lightspeed also helps us follow our stock rotation and identify our top-selling products. We can increase our profits by optimizing our shelf space and replenishing our inventory with products that our customers enjoy.”


With the foot traffic that is bringing to her salon, Janick plans on expanding her team and opening another salon in Montreal, Quebec. She is confident that Lightspeed will be able to support future growth of her business. She will continue using for publicity, booxi for appointment booking and client management, and Lightspeed for accounting, reporting as well as inventory and employee management.

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