3 technologies that help you make more sales

3 technologies that help you make more sales

There’s a ton of ways your restaurant can sell more.

Two of the most known ways are to plan a profitable menu and to teach your waiting staff suggestive selling techniques. But have you ever considered digging even deeper?

The more customers you serve, the more food you sell. How long a table is occupied from a client’s arrival to departure is your called table turnover rate. Your goal is to optimize turnover by reducing the time a customer spends at their table, while still creating an amazing dining experience.

It’s a delicate balance. Serve someone too slow and you risk missing out on new sales. Serve someone too fast and you risk making them feel rushed and unappreciated.

The best way to speed up your table turnover is to streamline the customer experience so that you aren’t wasting precious minutes while serving them.

Let’s explore how a mobile POS, a kitchen display system, and table management software can help you save time and improve your table turnover rate while enhancing your customer’s experience.


3 technologies that help you to sell more | Lightspeed POS


1. Mobile POS

No more jotting down orders by hand and literally running them to your kitchen. That takes time. And cardio.

With a mobile POS, wait staff can instantly send orders to the kitchen or bar from wherever they are. Chefs get notified as soon as an order is submitted and can immediately start cooking. This drastically speeds up your service, without making your customers feel rushed.

When the time comes to wrap up the meal, servers can use their mobile POS to finalize and print each customer’s bill. It even works if your WiFi goes down.


2. Kitchen display system

The worst thing wait staff can hear is “this isn’t what I ordered”.

If that happens to you, it’s because of miscommunication. Now, you need to spend time fixing your mistake. A kitchen display system is a great way to make sure that the situation never happens again.

How? By clearly communicating orders in real-time on an iPad. Digital displays mean that your chef won’t need to decipher a written-down order that looks like a doctor’s note.

If a customer wants to change their order, servers can instantly notify the kitchen without needing to physically be there. Kitchen Display Systems even automatically filter orders by type and dispatch them to the relevant workstation. That means that cooks and bartenders only see the orders that are relevant to them.


3 technologies that help you to sell more | Lightspeed POS


3. Floor management software

A mobile POS’ also typically offers floor management tools, which let staff know exactly where a table is in its meal cycle.

Did they order entrées yet? Are they waiting to pay their bill? Having this information in the palm of your hand improves your service and gets tables turned at a much quicker rate. Remember, the higher the table turnover rate, the higher your profits.


The bottom line

Managers, servers, kitchen staff, and customers all benefit from the combination of a mobile POS, kitchen display system and table management software. And these technologies have never been more accessible.

Together, these technologies accelerate workflows and service, without putting a strain on the dining experience. Ultimately, that leads to a faster table turn and more sales.

Optimizing your table turnover is just a part of getting ready for the holidays—the biggest season of the year for restaurants. Luckily, we wrote a playbook to help get you ready.


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