Connecting your domain name

Setting up your new online store is exciting! You need to build out your inventory, find your web host, design the site, decide on a checkout, get an SSL — and the list goes on and on. We’re here to make the journey as exciting and painless as possible.

One of the things that you must do as soon as possible is connect your online store to a domain so that you get your site indexed. If you don’t know how this can be done, we’re here to help! Read the step-by-step guide below to setting up your domain name.

1. Buy a domain name for your store through a reliable hosting provider.

2. Choose either a DNS or nameserver connection (only applies to the Netherlands).

Nameserver connection – Your website and email are operated through Lightspeed eCom.

DNS connection – Only your website is operated through Lightspeed eCom, and you retain full control of your email.

3. Enter this data with your hosting provider:

To use a name server connection
Most domain name providers let you modify this data yourself. If not, provide this information to your provider:

Primary name server
* Host: ****
* IP: ****

Secondary name server
* Host: ****
* IP: ****

Tertiary name server
* Host: ****
* IP: ****

To use a DNS connection

Usually you can set up DNS connections yourself with your domain name provider. You’ll want to add a CNAME record. The CNAME record always uses a subdomain. Point the CNAME record to the shop’s Lightspeed URL.

For example: Your Lightspeed URL is and your custom domain is You can create one of the following URLs for your shop: shop.coolbeans.comor

Create a CNAME record using the following guidelines:

Make sure the record points to your Lightspeed URL (from the example above,
Set the Alias to the subdomain you selected (see the coolbeans example, above).
If your domain service provider allows you to set/change the time to live (TTL), either leave it as the default setting, or if required set it to 1 hour.
Note: Your domain service provider may refer to subdomain differently. Common names are: alias, host, subdomain, hostname, or DNS Entry.

If you use a DNS connection, Lightspeed will host only your online store, and you must make your own arrangements for email. If you have a DNS server and would like to route your email address through Lightspeed eCom, add an MX record and forward it to 10 Enter @ in the record name field.

To link your domain name to Lightspeed eCom
1. Configure your settings with your hosting provider.
2. On the left menu of the Back Office click Settings and from Website Settings choose Domains.
3. Click Add a domain and in the Domain name box add your domain name, and choose the domain suffix.

This fairly simple step won’t take long and is integral in moving forward with your eCommerce business.

Elina Barklon

Elina Barklon

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