Retail Round-Up: New Security Measures for Retailers, and Instagram – The Marketing Darling

America’s data security problem doesn’t seem to be improving. That’s why Obama recently made the more secure chip and pin technology known as EMV or Europay, MasterCard and Visa, a requirement for credit card transactions. What does this mean for retailers? The new microchip embedded in the credit cards will require an up-to-date point of sale system that’s able to read it. (Business News Daily)

Is your Instagram game on point? The Facebook-owned company now boasts 300 million followers, and is attractive for a very young audience – and brands are jumping on the bandwagon as the preferred social media platform. Noteworthy fact: 3 million U.S teens abandoned Facebook between 2011 and 2014. (ADWEEK)

Facebook’s video ads are surprisingly impactful. Just 1 second of footage increases brand awareness among Facebook users as they scroll through their news feeds. This Nielsen study shows just how effective these pieces of content can be in the ever-cluttered world of social media advertising. (SocialTimes)

There are no insignificant players when it comes to retail staff! Harrod’s, the iconic department store in London, has always had doormen dressed in green at each entrance. They’re a part of the tradition of the institution, and are now a part of an exciting new Instagram campaign. (Luxury Daily)