Restaurant Round-Up: A restaurant revolution and a different kind of revolution at Taco Bell.

A restaurant revolution? That’s what they’re calling dining company Dinner Lab. The pop-up restaurant has come out with a new dining concept that’s catching on — selling memberships to dinners that change venue for every meal (warehouses, garages, old theatres) offering creative, constantly changing meals at large, communal tables. (CBS)

Things are quickly changing at the formerly Canadian Tim Horton’s. Top executives have now left the company and an undisclosed number of employees have been laid off, following the signed deal with Burger King. It looks like more layoffs may be coming. (CRN,NRN)

Taco Bell – now with less salt! The fast food giant has announced that they have found a way to cut sodium levels by an average of 15% across their menu. The process may be slow and complicated, but certainly necessary and appreciated by their customers. (NRN)

Have you heard of the new Ottawa Restaurant Fund? A great new project started by “two foodservice veterans” which aims to offer restaurateurs support services such as education, micro-loans and access to resources. They hope to help more restaurants grow and positively impact their communities. A noble cause by any means! (CRN)