Retail Round-Up: SoHo is Ideal to Test the Retail Waters, and Going Beyond Facebook

For retailers with niche target markets, Facebook and Twitter might not be the most engaging social media platforms. Ello, CafeMom, and Kaboodle are among many sites that can attract consumers with specific interests such as craft beer or motherhood. (Entrepreneur)

SoHo in New York City is a veritable laboratory of consumer behavior.  Even food companies like Chobani use the coveted Prince Street address as a physical manifestation of their brand. The popular shopping neighborhood gives major retail companies the opportunity to organically interact with shoppers in intimate environments. (Bloomberg)

For retailers gearing up to sell Halloween costumes, the National Retail Federation’s list for this year’s most popular costumer trends will certainly be a helpful resource. Princesses and pumpkins are still popular, but the Ninja Turtles are making a totally awesome comeback. (CBS Minnesota)

The shopping environment is changing so rapidly that retailers have to keep up with lightning-fast trends or risk losing the game. Major trends or “disruptors” are changing the retail industry as we know it. Omni-channel retailing, mobile communications, vertical integration, and pricing transparency are some of these disruptors that are prompting retailers to rethink their strategies. (just-style)