Retail Round-Up: Shopping “Small” Grows in Popularity, and how The North Face has Mastered Omnichannel Retail

The “small box” community – those who prefer to shop in more intimate environments – is growing. That’s why Target is opening up smaller stores called “Target Express”, which are 15% the size of their typical stores. (brandchannel)

More good news for brick-and-mortar. Studies conclude that people like to touch things, which would explain why 94% of total retail stales come from physical stores. Online shopping will continue to be important, but companies that sell online perform better when they also have brick-and-mortar stores as one of their channels. (Forbes)

A brand that’s gotten it right when it comes to the omnichannel experience: The North Face. Beyond building a great brand narrative, the company has mapped out their customer experience, inventory strategies, and data to become a retailer that truly does it all. (National Retail Federation)

Both fashion and technology industries have become increasingly interwoven, leading technology to play a starring role in runway shows and retail stores. From 3D printing for designers to virtual fitting rooms, there’s a world of opportunity for new innovations. (Apparel)