Retail Round-Up: Summertime Sales Tips, Retail Disruptors and Q&A with Dax Dasilva

1. LXR & CO gets a shout out from the Wall Street Journal as a pioneer of the mobile-first economy. The luxury goods retailer arms their staff with LightSpeed Cloud-powered iPads, which help associates meet their discerning clientele in their own environment. (Wall Street Journal)

2. Brick and mortar shops need to start spinning their own story and taking the website approach to their in-store experience. (Quartz)

3. LightSpeed Founder and CEO Dax Dasilva reveals details about our new home, why Montreal is a good place to start a business, and sheds some light on the company’s evolution. (Cantech Letter)

4. Optimizing your summer sales strategy isn’t the only way to avoid a slump. Drinks, accessories and necessities (think hand sanitizer or tissues) are three easy add-on items that can help retailers increase their bottom line. Just make sure they complement your existing inventory. (Retail Minded)

5. Three retailers who are taking the start-up approach to their business and finding success along the way. (Mashable)