Retail Round-Up: Tips for Appealing to Millenials and Stats on the Rise of iPads on the Sales Floor.

1. Mobile shopping just got more social. Next time you ‘like’ a photo Vogue posts on their Instagram, you might just be purchasing the latest trend. The magazine is partnering with LikeToKnow to create a shoppable Instagram channel and it looks like others will follow in the near future (via Fashionista).

2. Apparel stores aren’t the only ones disrupting retail by offering their clients extra little comforts like in-store cafés. A grocery store in upstate New York is shaking up the status quo by offering shoppers a chance to work out for free at their on-site gym! (via Retail Wire)

3. The rise of tablets in the brick-and-mortar world shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some hard-hitting stats about how retailers are planning to use iPads and other mobile hardware to improve the shopping experience (via eMarketer).

4. What’s on the outside counts, at least for millenials. Retailers should pay attention to packaging in order to attract this demographic (via Millenial Marketing).

5. We spent last week at C2MTL, an annual business conference that blends the worlds of commerce and creativity. We were there as sponsors and powered the two on-site pop-up shops. Here’s a wrap-up of the unique event (via The Montreal Gazette).