Retail Round Up: Customer loyalty, Driving Sales and Dynamic Pricing

1. There’s more evidence to dispel the theory that brick-and-mortar retail is dead. A new study shows that instead of turning to the Internet for their clothes, housewares and other items, consumers are using the Internet to browse and heading in-store when it comes time to purchase. (Adweek)

2. While e-commerce giant Amazon sometimes feels like an unstoppable force, retailers can fight back by offering superior service customers value. Here are four tips for harnessing data to improve loyalty and trust. (Retail TouchPoints)

3. Get ready for the no-till checkout. iPads loaded with mobile-friendly point of sale software and self-checkout kiosks are giving shoppers butler-level service, and they like it. (The Atlantic)

4. [Video] Take a page out of The Tipsy Crow’s manual. The San Diego bar uses software that allows them to adjust pricing based on demand – in a very public way. See how they track customers’ habits to keep them happy and engaged. (American Express).

5. LightSpeed Founder and CEO Dax Dasilva shares his brick and mortar survival kit, including some examples of New York stores that are implementing strategies to drive sales in the increasingly complex world of consumerism. (Apparel Magazine)