When eCommerce Giants Join the Brick-and-Mortar Game

The advantages of a great brick-and-mortar shopping experience are well known to consumers: personalized customer service, a sense of entertainment, being able to see and feel products up close, and the immediate gratification of walking out with goods in hand. Even with the convenience of online shopping, the traditional brick-and-mortar model still remains both popular and lucrative; so much so, that even eCom giants like Amazon are looking to get in the game.

Amazon seeks to deliver the advantages of online shopping to physical stores with its upcoming Kindle-based point of sale. Their aim is to provide small-to-medium sized retailers with advanced check-out technology and analytical capabilities – in exchange for access to their private data. In an article published on Re/code, LightSpeed CEO Dax Dasilva looks ahead to what this integration could mean for the independent retail industry and why retailers should think twice before partnering-up with Amazon.

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