LightSpeed for iPad 1.4 now live with new payment options

LightSpeed for iPad 1.4 is now available in the App Store. This update adds support for Merchant Warehouse’s Genius platform, Moneris payment processing in Canada, encrypted card payments using MagTek’s uDynamo, and rounded cash payments. 

  • Genius platform from Merchant Warehouse – Utilizing the Genius platform will allow LightSpeed for iPad to accept all types of mobile payments, including Google Wallet and LevelUp, while seamlessly working alongside the payment terminal to provide secure and convenient point-to-point transactions from the selling floor. With Genius, retailers can honor customer loyalty programs and never need to worry about manual updates—Genius adds new payment options automatically as they arise.
  • Moneris – LightSpeed’s Canadian customers can now integrate their Apple device with Canadian payment terminals, eliminating the need for bulky device add-ons or sales counters.
  • uDynamo – LightSpeed for iPad now supports encrypted card payments using uDynamo card readers. Perfect for small to medium sized businesses, uDynamo simply plugs into the headphone jack of an iPad to process payments.
  • Rounded cash payments – Retailers can now process transactions using rounded cash payments in order to accommodate customers using currencies that are phasing out smaller denominations.