Improving Your Workflows With Keyboard Shortcuts

There are five ways of adding a new product within LightSpeed. Do you know them all? The four most common methods are:

  1. Clicking the Product icon in the top menu bar
  2. Right-clicking the Products option in the lefthand menu
  3. Opening the Products view and clicking the plus (+) icon at the bottom left
  4. Using the File > New Product menu item

However, if you look at the File > New Product menu item, you’ll see that there’s a shortcut listed – Shift + Command + P. Pressing these keys simultaneously will open a new Product card immediately.

LightSpeed’s menus are loaded with lots of useful keyboard shortcuts, like adding a new customer (Shift + Command + C) and toggling between StoreMaster (Command + 1) and Point of Sale (Command + 2). There are a lot of shortcuts to remember, but memorizing even just the few that you use the most will save you an incredible amount of time and effort.