UX Open House Video

If you didn’t get a chance to attend our UX Open House yesterday, here’s your chance to preview our new user interface. Check out a recording of the Open House as well as some screenshots that will let you take a closer look at where we’re going with this new user experience for MerchantOS.

We’re planning more user-input opportunities in the near future but if you have comments, questions or constructive criticism, feel free to share with us in the comments below and we’ll use them to make MerchantOS even better for you!

Since everyone asks, the plan for releasing this new user interface to customers is a multi-step process. We’ll continue sharing the work in-progress until we have everything nailed down and functional. Once we’ve gotten the UI to a point where we think it’s usable, we’ll setup a place for customers to login and test the new interface. After collecting feedback and making any necessary adjustments we’ll start moving customers over. We don’t have specific dates for these events yet, but we’re pushing hard to get this new look out to customers ASAP.