StoreMaster – Complete Store Mastery

The browser is the part of LightSpeed that store owners interact the most with. For LightSpeed 3.8, we wanted to create a new experience for store owners that makes their jobs significantly easier.

StoreMaster is the new browser, and it’s our vision of a LightSpeed built for the future. Not only has it been rebuilt from the ground up using Apple’s native Cocoa programming language for faster performance, it’s been redesigned in both form and function. In the case of StoreMaster, beauty isn’t just skin deep.

It all starts at the top. LightSpeed’s new integrated toolbar makes it easier than ever to add new documents to your database, log out of your user session, or switch your display mode between list and gallery.

The traditional iTunes-esque Cover Flow has been replaced with our own Gallery design. Hovering over an image in the Gallery will reveal a summary of information. For customers and suppliers, you’ll be able to see all of their contact information without having to open it in another window. Hovering a product image will reveal the item code, description, price, and inventory status.

A highly requested feature: you can now choose which columns display and which ones to sort by, in either ascending or descending order.

The new Notifications pane displays incoming orders from the web, completed reports, and LightSpeed license updates.

Smart Finds – a powerful feature that lets you define and save custom searches for quick access – has been redesigned to be both easier to use and more powerful than ever.

Other features, like Parking and Trackers, have received redesigns that make them more streamlined. It also has support for OS X’s full screen feature for a distraction-free work environment. We could talk about how great StoreMaster is for a while, but why not experience it for yourself?

Download a free 30 day trial now and experience the latest that LightSpeed has to offer. If you have a Maintenance Plan, you can upgrade to 3.8 whenever you like. If you don’t have a Maintenance Plan and want to use 3.8 in your store, send us an e-mail at and we’ll sort things out for you.

We’re really proud of LightSpeed 3.8 and StoreMaster. We’re sure you’ll love using it. If you want to learn more, check out our video walkthrough.

Lightspeed StoreMaster from Lightspeed on Vimeo.