Other LightSpeed 3.8 Highlights

We’ve covered the all-new StoreMaster and Dashboard features in-depth already, but there are some other great 3.8 features that we’re sure a lot of people will love.

Sell-Through Report

Get insight on which items are rising rapidly in popularity, week-on-week. The Sell-Through Report shows you the week’s starting quantity, received quantity for the week, the quantity of the items sold, and the final sell-through percentage. This information is invaluable for seeing what’s hot and what you should be ordering for your store.

Cash Rounding

Several countries have begun phasing out smaller denominations of physical currency. Both Canada and Australia have eliminated one-cent coins, and New Zealand has gone even further by discontinuing five-cent coins as well. Cash rounding simplifies the totals for cash purchases in these countries.

Integrated Payment Processing Comes to Canada

No more double entries: we’ve added Moneris Solutions as our exclusive partner for integrated payments in Canada. Moneris is Canada’s largest provider of electronic payments and delivers leading-edge payment technology, superior service, and support to more than 350,000 customers across North America.

The new Genius Customer Engagement Platform from Merchant Warehouse has the power to do what no other payments solution can do – aggregate and integrate every conceivable transaction technology, payment type, and customer program into a single platform. And now, you can use it with LightSpeed. Visit MerchantWarehouse.com for more info.

Download a free 30 day trial now and experience the latest that LightSpeed has to offer. If you have a Maintenance Plan, you can upgrade to 3.8 whenever you like. If you don’t have a Maintenance Plan and want to use 3.8 in your store, send us an e-mail at sales@lightspeedhq.com and we’ll sort things out for you.