Bike Shops: Buy Local Now

We’re excited to be working with SmartEtailing on the new Buy Local Now initiative. It has the potential to send customers to your store to buy products instead of shopping online.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A consumer finds the manufacturer web page for the product they’re interested in. For example CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer.
  2. The consumer sees the “Buy Local Now” button and clicks it.
  3. Shops in their local area are displayed. At the top are shops who are integrated with Buy Local Now and have the item in stock. Below are local shops who either don’t have it in stock or aren’t integrated.
  4. The consumer clicks “Buy Now” from one of the local shops.
  5. They are directed to the shop website and page for that product where they can purchase the product and select to pick it up in store (if their Ecommerce system supports that feature).

Integrated With MerchantOS

Good news! If you have a MerchantOS account you’re half way there. If you also have a SmartEtailing site with POS sync turned on then you’ve already crossed the finish line. Here’s what you can do right now if you want to get Buy Local Now:

We’d Love To Know What You Think

Please give us feedback on Buy Local Now and our integration with SmartEtailing.



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