10 killer eCom apps for your online store - Part II

10 killer eCom apps for your online store - Part II

If you made good use of our first article featuring 10 killer apps for your online store, check out how you can further optimize your business with the powerful apps below. Whether you’re looking for a solution to turn abandoned carts into actual orders, improve the user experience on your website, increase web traffic, boost average transaction value or better manage your business data, we hope these apps help you extend the functionality of your online store.


1) MyAbandonedCart

Is your eCommerce website suffering from shopping cart abandonment? MyAbandonedCart might be just what you need to remind customers of the items they left behind and encourage them to complete their purchase. By matching their email address to their shopping cart, the app can send up to three email reminders per abandoned cart, 30 minutes, 24 hours or 48 hours after shoppers leave your online store.

2) Boost Sales

With Boost Sales, increase units per transaction and average transaction value with upsell and cross-sell techniques. Motivate customers to add new items to their cart by using pop ups that feature your own complementary products suggestions, or let Boost Sales recommend products based on customers’ tastes and browsing history.


3) Cutoutcow

Revamp your product images with Cutoutcow by removing backgrounds, adding shadows, reflections or watermarks. Simply upload your images on cutoutcow.com, and in less than 24 hours, you’ll have them back. No doubt, a sharp-looking website will inspire more trust in your customers and benefit your sales.


4) booxi

Spend less time on the phone and focus your energy on other areas of your business with booxi, an app that enables your customers to book appointments with you online and stores client records for you. Similar to a personal assistant, booxi sends email and SMS appointment confirmations and reminders directly to your customers, helping you ensure better customer service.


5) Yotpo

Increase customer engagement with Yotpo, an app that will help you drive traffic to your web store by encouraging customers to share product reviews and photos on their social networks. Yotpo also allows e-tailers to connect their Facebook page and Twitter account to the app to share reviews with their social media following, drive web traffic and boost sales.


6) CloudSuggest

By analyzing the behaviour of shoppers on your site, CloudSuggest is able to recommend the products they might be most tempted to purchase. The app can also recommend related products to your customers based on their interests and browsing history.

7) MonkeyData

MonkeyData gives you a comprehensive view of your business’s performance by consolidating multiple sales channels into a single report that is easy to understand. The app will give you the analytics you need, such as predictions, real-time analytics and time period comparisons, to help you determine how your campaigns are performing.


8) Wiser Search

Wiser Search is a useful quick search plugin that can improve the user experience on your online store. The app searches through your website pages and quickly shows all the relevant search results to your customers. To find the specific product they’re looking for, they can simply use the app’s refined filtering system. No doubt, clear search results will boost customer satisfaction and your sales.

9) Justuno

With Justuno, use enticing pop up overlays to prompt online shoppers to take the actions you want them to take. These pop up windows will enable you to capture online shoppers’ email address to build your email list much faster. You’ll also be able to provide extra value to your website experience with pop ups featuring gated content, contests, and coupons. Justuno integrates with over 30 platforms including MailChimp, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, Aweber, Klaviyo.


10) Simply Translate

Bring your business abroad easier and faster with Simply Translate. Select the web copy you want to have translated and the app will give you an overview of the costs. Once you have approved the translation, upload it onto your online store and start selling in multiple markets to grow your business.

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