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Do more, easily: 10 integrations for your Retail POS

Do more, easily: 10 integrations for your Retail POS

If your point of sale solution enables you to process transactions, that’s great. But when it comes to your business, you probably need more features, because you do more than that. A POS system provider should walk in your shoes or at least try to. Nowadays, people are buying everywhere, and every piece of content they encounter may lead to a purchase. For the retail industry, it means more sales opportunities.

More opportunities also mean more work. To increase your conversion rate and capture customers who keep moving from physical to online stores, you need new tools. With its rich catalog of integrations, Lightspeed Retail gives you the additional tools your business needs to reach new heights.

Whether it be for loyalty programs, payments, marketing emails or financing, here are 10 integrations that can help you do more with just a few taps of the screen.

Vantiv integrated payments

mall payment provider

We tend to overlook some aspects of a business that are so obvious it doesn’t seem like they should be thought over. Generally, payment doesn’t mean much except for getting or giving money. Well, there’s more to it. Processing transactions can be optimized too. It can be faster, smoother or even mobile. And that will make a difference for you and your customers.

Vantiv integrated payments allows retailers to process credit cards, payments in-store or even online. Because Vantiv aims to give businesses a competitive edge, the company is always developing new tools to improve the payment process. With the help of Vantiv, you can give your customers more payment options, including credit, debit, EMV/chip cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. Payments have evolved with technology, and it’s important that you stay up to date, too.


Getting people to come to your store is not easy, but making them come back is the real challenge. A friendly staff and great products aren’t sufficient to remain competitive in today’s retail landscape where everyone is special. Thirdshelf helps you build high-value and long-lasting relationships with your customers. How? By tailoring your service to their unique tastes and preferences.

Thirdshelf gives you analytics that will point to your sales opportunity in real-time. Know whether your discount strategy is working, who your biggest spenders are and build a plan for success based on actual data.

The integration also includes marketing tools to keep in touch with your customers. Segment and target your content so that your emails never seem spammy. Thirdshelf’s built-in automation system will help you spread the words.


boutique store cash register

There are several ways online retailers can analyze their customers’ behavior. Where do they click when they’re shopping online? Which call to action (CTA) converts the most? Many tools can answer those questions. RetailNext aims to take your physical store to the next level with a solid platform that provides customer analytics as detailed as if you were running a web store. More than 250 stores in over 50 countries trust RetailNext. With this app, you’ll get data on the entrance traffic in your store (staff is even excluded) and always see what’s going on with a remote video system. RetailNext is a pioneer in shaping a new customer experience, and you can be a pioneer in your industry.


Managing your employee schedules can be feel like assembling a puzzle at times. It requires a lot of patience and time. Agendrix is a cloud-based scheduling system that will spare you serious headaches. Easy-to-use, you’ll master the app in a few minutes and benefit from a centralized hub where all your employees’ schedules and leaves are displayed. Thomas can’t be at the cash register, but Nicole is going to Becky’s wedding? Agendrix will help know who is available. Your staff will even be able to submit requests through the system. Agendrix lets everyone know who is at work and it works for everyone.


Booking appointments with customers can be a nightmare if you need to call everyone to set them up and call again to confirm. Having a secretary would not make sense either for a retailer. That’s why booxi was developed. More than a simple integration, booxi provides you with a complete and ready to be used website. Manage your clientele, let your customers book appointments online, send email or SMS confirmations and drive engagement with social media posts. Yes, booxi does it all. See for yourself!



There is one rule when it comes to owning a business: you need money. Whether you want to sell wooden tables or aquariums, building a business or improving it starts with an investment. Bizfi is an online marketplace where you can find financing solutions for your small business. Many formulas are available: short-term financing, franchise financing, lines of credit, equipment financing, invoice financing, medical financing, medium-term loans and SBA loans. Bizfi’s experts have already helped 32,000 small and medium-sized retailers reach their goals and they take great pride in their work.

Nobal Technologies

With the iMirror, Nobal Technologies is making the customer experience more interactive than ever. Can you imagine being in a fitting room where the mirror is equipped with an intuitive interface, allowing you to request more items or different colors and sizes? A revolution. Check out how you can make your store unforgettable with the iMirror:


Rental shop manager

If you have a rental business, an inventory management system may not be fully tailored to your specific activity. Like every other retailer, you have SKUs and sales, but the products are coming back. Rental Shop Manager supports up to 500 items and generates rental tickets so you and your customers never lose track of the constant updates of your inventory. Always know if an item is available, being repaired or out of the store and never disappoint enthusiastic customers with inaccurate information. Rental Shop Manager (RSM) facilitates every aspect of your rental business. A win for everyone.


Dog with glasses POS

Loyalty is crucial for any business, for pet stores especially. Just like you tend to do your groceries at the same places, you want to purchase food and toys for your beloved pet from a retailer you can trust. With PetStoreMarketer, reward your most loyal customers with a point system that lets you know when they deserve a gift. Set up a reward system and let the system sends gift certificates automatically. Show your gratitude, keep your customers coming back, make their pets happy and enjoy tremendous success.


As its name indicates, MailSync uses your customer data and synchronizes it to your mailing list automatically. You can now remove importing or exporting your CSVs files manually from your to-do list. Connect your Lightspeed account to your email marketing tool and reach out to your customers easily.

More to come

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for a review of more integrations to boost your sales, manage your staff, keep customers coming back and most importantly be a happier retailer.

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