Integrated Payment Processing

Regardless of the region your store operates in, if you’re not using a Lightspeed Integrated Payment partner, you’re leaving your business open to fraud, financial errors and spending time on all the wrong things.

What are some benefits of working with an integrated payment processor?

Quick checkout

By not entering the amount twice in your POS and in your payment terminal, you cut line-ups and save time during check out with card payments and payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Get more customers

More customers on busy days means more business for your store and employee time better spent on other tasks between check-outs.

Avoid mistakes


Lightspeed takes care of capturing and saving the transaction. Register reconciliation is easier at the end of day and gives you one centralized source of reporting and better financial visibility.

Improve the customer experience

Easily make refunds without having to ask the cardholder to present their card, take payments over the phone, and use one processor for online and in-store*.

Ensure security

Our integrated partners are PCI compliant and will provide chip and pin (EMV)-compatible terminals that meet all regulatory needs. Having the proper terminal will protect your business from fraud should anything occur.

Get competitive rates


The best rates on the market are available to all retailers running their business with a Lightspeed integration partner.

Get more information on why you should run your business
with an integrated payment processor

*some exceptions apply

45 000



Personalized onboarding

Over 90%

Support satisfaction


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